Dolphin Emulator Officially Coming to Steam Quarter 2 2023

In a surprising announcement by the official developers of the Dolphin Emulator, it was announced that the app will now be officially released on Steam in the second quarter of 2023. If you weren’t aware, the Dolphin emulator is currently the most powerful solution to emulate the 6th generation of Nintendo consoles: the Wii and the GameCube.

While this might not seem like a surprise to some people, it is worth noting that out of every emulator out there, Dolphin is perhaps the only one to be available through so many means. In fact, I still remember when the M1 processors from Apple came out, where despite their limitations, the team behind managed to develop an M1 native version in a matter of months.

Furthermore, compared to how it was previously, the emulator has come a long time, capable of even simulating the entire Wii and GameCube menus and even allowing pairing with real Wii Remotes and accessories. Indeed, if I had to pick one emulator as being the most feature-rich out of all, I would definitely put that award on Dolphin, with PPSSPP probably being a close second, even if ever so slightly.

Another fun, if morbid fact, is that the announcement came a few hours after the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops met their demise. Hmm. Probably just a coincidence. You can view the Steam page for the Dolphin emulator here.

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