Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Announces September 2023 Release Date for PC via Steam

Idea Factory International has announced that the Sting-developed party title Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will launch for PC via Steam on September 7, 2023. The game will have a weeklong 15% launch discount.

In Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, players become heroes with the objective of earning the most money they can. By spinning the wheel and landing on spaces on the board, you can trigger effects that will make you defeat monsters, get items or treasures, change jobs, get robbed by strange characters, or even steal your friends’ money.

You will have to engage in RPG systems as you land on random spaces, defeating monsters and earning loot to liberate towns and increase your possessions. However, you can also battle other players to either take their towns or steal their belongings.

There are standard and advanced job classes that players will be able to choose from. Before the start of the game, a player can choose from 3 different characters: Warrior, Magician, or Thief. They can be customized with outfits and facial expressions for added personality.

Further, as the game progresses, Advanced Jobs will become available, and each character’s base stats will increase. Players must meet specific prerequisites (i.e., master the Warrior) before heading back to the castle and asking the King for a change in advanced jobs. Players can also choose from 6 advanced job classes: Alchemist, Cleric, Spellsword, Monk, Acrobat, and Ninja.

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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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