New Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Patch Adds Local Wireless Mode & Changes CPU Difficulty

Idea Factory International released a brand-new 1.1.0 patch for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. This new patch adds Local Wireless Mode, allowing multiple Nintendo Switch systems to communicate with one another without the need for an Internet connection or an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Furthermore, the patch introduces changes to the Weak and Normal difficulties, making them “less of a jerk,” in their own words.

You can view the full patch below:

Local Wireless Mode:

  • When using Local Wireless Mode, multiple Nintendo Switch players can play together without the use of internet connection.
  • A Nintendo Switch Online account is not required to play Local Wireless Mode.
  • Guest play is also available in Local Wireless mode. With one Nintendo Switch console, up to two guests can participate when playing against other Nintendo Switch consoles wirelessly.

Saved Data:

  • Online mode and Local Wireless mode will have separate save data files.
  • Saved data in Local Wireless Mode cannot be used in Online Mode.

CPU Adjustments:

  • The CPU’s AI Strength has been adjusted for “Weak” and “Normal” difficulties. (Note: The “Sneaky” AI Strength has not been adjusted.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bugs, typos, and other issues have been fixed. Various UI adjustments have been made.

In Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, players become heroes with the objective of earning the most money they can. By spinning the wheel and landing on spaces on the board, you can trigger effects that will make you defeat monsters, get items or treasures, change jobs, get robbed by strange characters, or even steal your friends’ money. In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

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