Stylishly Sexy Turn-based Visual Novel ‘Dohna Dohna’ Coming West to PC Next Week

Shiravune announced they will publish the Alice Soft-developed romance visual novel Dohna Dohna on PC-via Johren and it’ll release October 29, 2021. [Editor’s Note: We previously got too excited and said October 22, 2021.]

Titled, Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou- in Japan, Dohna Dohna is a colorful visual novel from the developers of the Evenicle and Rance series. Players find themselves in the Asougi City which is controlled by a corporation that handles all aspects of the citizens’ lives so they go without worry. However, this has created pockets of unrest within the city where Clands perform acts of civil disobedience, including selling bodies for profit and stealing. As the corporation tries to stop them the city is at a standstill.

During gameplay, players take on the role of Kuma, voiced by Natsumura Isuke, who can travel through the city. During these portions, players can take part in turn-based combat that has a layer of strategy. This is when the three main gameplay systems are introduced, Hunting, Hustling, and Feeling. Each turn takes a sing in-universe day, which will spring up special events and objects that will pass the time.

Hunting is when the combat takes place, Hustling is where players will try to earn money, and Feeling is when you can interact with the characters and romance them. Yes, this is an adult visual novel, what’d you expect!?

We’ll keep you updated on future Shiravune releases.

You can watch the opener below:

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