2 New DNF Duel Trailers Explain The Two Types of HP Damage & The Risk-Reward Conversion Mechanic

Nexon and Arc System Works have released 2 new gameplay trailers for their upcoming 2D fighter, DNF Duel. These trailers explain how HP works in battles alongside the Conversion mechanic.

There are 2 types of HP damage to note, White Damage and Red Damage. The former strikes the White gauge protecting the character’s primary Red health and is restored over time. On the other hand, Red Damage is more traditional and strikes the character’s Red gauge, which is not restored over time.

Conversion is a mechanic where its activation causes the White Damage gauge and the amount of Red Damage it overlaps to be exchanged for MP. The amount of MP gained depends on how much White Damage was present. Further, Conversion cancels many moves, making it an undoubtedly vital mechanic that skilled players will need to master.

If you missed it, check out the MP explanation trailer that launched earlier today.

You can view the HP trailer for DNF Duel below:

You can view the Conversion trailer for DNF Duel below:

The publisher also announced that from December 17 through December 20, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will be able to take part in an Open Beta test.

Characters and details for the test haven’t been revealed, but the newest trailer highlights Berserker, Inquisitor, Grappler, Striker, Ranger, and Hitman. Still, the trailer teases that four more characters will be announced soon with a “Who’s Next” tagline.

DNF Duel very much resembles previous Arc System Works fighters such as Granblue Fantasy Versus but takes on a much darker tone. Additionally, the teaser reveal trailer shows that the game is much faster than GBFV, which might excite more hardcore fans.

Dungeon&Fighter is an MMO beat ’em up that launched in 2005 on PC in South Korea. The game made its way to the west in 2010, where it was shut down in 2013, and then received a global release in 2015 with English support. There’s also an anime based on the franchise.

We’ll keep you updated on the Open Beta as more details become available.

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