DNF Duel Launches Spectre DLC Character, New Gameplay Systems & Version 1.40 Balance Patch

Arc System Works and Nexon have announced that the first DLC fighter of the first DNF Duel Season Pass, Spectre, is now available. Her capabilities are quoted below:

“Spectre, a female slayer, uses “Obsidian,” the deadly nodachi, and “White Fang,” the swift kodachi. Harnessing the power of the Ghost Fastener on the back of her hand, she showcases incredible air mobility, delivering swift strikes that confuse opponents by brutally attacking a broad area at once.”

The following new systems were also implemented:

  • The “Indomitable Spirit” system encourages more enhanced guarding strategies. Upon using it, block stun time becomes consistent while recoverable White Damage is received through a certain input while guarding.
  • The “Select Cube” system empowers players to strategically activate the Awakening system. By using “Gold Cube,” players can unleash the Awakening effect at 30% HP or less. Using “Clear Cube” allows players to trigger a milder – yet impactful – effect when at 50% HP or less.

The official website has also revealed the latest patch notes for version 1.40. For the highly detailed character balance changes, check out its dedicated page.


  • New DLC character – Spectre has been added.
  • Battle balance adjustments have been made.

General / In various Modes

  • Improved input lag on PlayStation 5.
  • Opening cinematic has been updated.
  • The previous version can be found in Movie Gallery.
  • Revised the search algorithm for Ranked Match.
    (Not applied to Nintendo Switch)

Bug Fixes

Training mode

  • Fixed the bug in which the opponent set as ‘Guard all’ can sometimes be hit when certain actions are recorded on Reversal recording.
  • Fixed the bug in which Record/Playback shortcut button is activated in certain situations, even when Record/Playback Type is set as ‘Random’ in Action Record Settings.

Story Mode

  • Fixed the bug in which only the opponent wins upon Double KO.
    (Not applied to Nintendo Switch)

Ranked Match

  • Fixed the bug in which the entry is not automatically released after the limited time to accept the match has passed.
    (Applied only to Nintendo Switch)


  • Fixed the bug in which Reversal system notice is displayed when it has not been activated.
  • Fixed the bug in which certain objects are displayed in front of system notice in Oceanic Express Stage.

Key Display

  • Moved 1P’s arrow keys to the left side of the screen in Training Mode and Replay Mode.
    (Applied only to Nintendo Switch)

The DNF Duel Season Pass costs $19.99, while individual characters cost$6.99. You can view the currently revealed DNF Duel content roadmap below:

DNFDuel Roadmap

You can view the DNF Duel trailer highlighting Spectre below:

DNF Duel very much resembles previous Arc System Works fighters, such as Granblue Fantasy Versus but takes on a much darker tone. Additionally, the previous trailers and open betas show that the game is much faster than GBFV, which might excite more hardcore fans.

Dungeon&Fighter is an MMO beat ’em up that launched in 2005 on PC in South Korea. The game made its way to the West in 2010, where it was shut down in 2013, and then received a global release in 2015 with English support. There’s also an anime based on the franchise.

In case you missed it, check out our review of DNF Duel.

DNF Duel is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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