Mobile Shooter ‘Disorder’ Details Ghost Puppets Faction in Story Trailer

NewEase released a new trailer for their mobile shooter Disorder, in development for iOS and Android devices.

The trailer focuses on one of three of the in-game factions that players will be able to choose from. Ghost Puppets is a group of highly trained special agents and the trailer shows two members confronting on top of a speeding train. It seems that Ghost Puppets aren’t really team players and only really fight for themselves.

During the game, players will enter a more straight forward approach to online shooters. No, this isn’t a battle royale game. Players will need to navigate through armed faction and waves of undead as they work towards ending the war. Each member of factions have their own backstory for the player to uncover, but each can also be equipped and customized to fit the player’s playstyle.

Disorder also has strategic co-op gameplay with up to four teammates to compete against 19 enemy groups. Players have 10 to 20 minutes to secure the area’s missile silo, but it won’t be totally easy since others are trying to do the same.

Currently, Disorder is taking pre-registration at their website.

You can watch the new story trailer below, but it does not show gameplay:

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