Disgaea 5 Complete Brings the Prinnies to Steam This Month

Disgaea 5 Complete Brings the Prinnies to Steam This Month

NIS America unveiled today that Disgaea 5 Complete is coming to Steam this month on October 22.

The Steam version will include eight bonus scenarios, four fan-fan favorite characters, and three character classes, all of which were DLC that was packed in for the PlayStation 4 version, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

NISA is also celebrating the launch adding more bonuses for owners of Disgaea 2 on PC. Those players will get four more weapons to use when they boot up Disgaea 5, Overlord Sword, Brunhilde, Skadi’s Ice Staff, and Demon’s Club.

Fans also have a chance to grab a demo code with a collaboration with Alienware. Those that sign up not only get a discount for when the full game launches but the save will also transfer to continue your progress.

For those unfamiliar, Disgaea 5 Complete is a tactical strategy RPG that follows Killia as he accumulates a band of rebels to take on the overlord Dark Void, who plans on enslaving the Netherworld. The battle system requires players to plan their attacks and placement on a grid map battle arena. The game features over 40 roles to customize for over hours and hours of gameplay.

You can check out coverage a recently released port of the prequel Disgaea 1 Complete for Nintendo switch or watch the video review below.

Author’s Take: I have always loved the art to Disgaea games, especially in this fifth mainline installment. But I gotta say the hours of commitment is what always stops me, same for games like Persona 5. Just don’t have time to get addicted to anything lately. sad face.

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