Digimon Survive Presents the Jokester Friend Minoru Hinata and his Partner Falcomon; 2 Days to Release

Bandai Namco has shared a third Digimon Survive character profile on the official Digimon Games Twitter account. After Takuma and Aoi, this time we get a closer look at Minoru Hinata, the protagonist’s best friend who likes to joke around, and his partner, Falcomon.

Minoru Hinata studies in the same school as Takuma and he’s that one silly guy who’s so easygoing and upbeat that it’s really easy to hang with him. He’s talkative and tries to not take things too seriously. When the mood gets weird, he’s the best person to break the ice. However, Minoru can go a little too far at times despite always meaning well. He’s also the kind who avoids conflicts at all costs and tries to hide behind this clown facade.

Minoru’s digimon partner is Falcomon, a creature some fans may remember from the Digimon Data Squad anime series, but it has the original design instead of the black one. Falcomon is a bird hailing from mountainous regions and his personality is the opposite of Minoru’s. While Minoru is silly, Falcomon is dignified and acts as a heroic guardian. However, he can also end up in some messes at times, forcing Minoru to help him.

Minoru’s voice actor is Atsushi Abe, whose previous roles include 9-Nine-‘s Kakeru Niimi, A Certain Magical Index’s Toma Kamijo, and many others. Meanwhile, Falcom’s voice actor is Hiromu Miyazaki, who voiced Tank-Top Tiger in the One Punch Man series.

digimon survive minoru hinata falcomon profile

Digimon Survive is coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One in the West on July 29, 2022. A few early physical copies seem to be circulating already so, if you’d like to avoid spoilers, it may be wise to take some precautions with social media. For those who already have the game in their hands, keep in mind the staff is asking people to not share story content from Chapter 5 onward.

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