Digimon Survive Presents the Diligent Aoi Shibuya and her Partner Labramon; 4 Days to Release

As Digimon Survive‘s release approaches, the official Digimon games Twitter account will be sharing the profiles of the main characters and their Digimon. The first one was Takuma Momozuka and Agumon and now we get a closer look at Aoi Shibuya and her partner Labramon.

Just like Takuma, Aoi Shibuya is a 9th grader, but she came from another school. She’s a class representative at camp and is used to handling unreasonable requests and complaints because of her position. She’s a diligent, calm girl who manages to keep her composure at all times.

Due to being one of the oldest and most reliable people among the kids, she ends up with the responsibility of being a manager of sorts. She has to make sure everyone has their basic needs served with the limited food supply they have. Their survival in this other world relies heavily on her abilities.

Her partner Digimon is Labramon, a beast creature that resembles a dog. While Aoi tends to be very gentle when talking to others, Labramon can be too direct at times. They may seem like an ill fit at first, but a strong bond of implicit trust will lead them to make the most out of this partnership.

Aoi is voiced by Kaede Hondo, whose other works include Ciel in the Tsukihime Remake, Kanon Hiiragi in Song of Memories, as well as a great variety of anime roles like Sakura Minamoto in Zombieland Saga and Mirai in Mirai no Mirai. Meanwhile, Labramon is voiced by Yukiyo Fujii, who worked as Tatiana Belskaya in Muv-Luv Total Eclipse, Nohime in Samurai Warriors 5, Yuzuha in Conception and many anime roles.

digimon survive aoi shibuya labramon

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Digimon Survive is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One on July 29, 2022.

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