Digimon ReArise Introduces Characters in Opening Movie

Bandai Namco has launched the opening movie for Digimon ReArise, the Digimon adventure heading to smartphones on October 21, as told by the Apple listing. However, the trailer says coming in 2019.

The opening movie gives fans a chance to meet the new characters and Digimon that will be featured in the game.

Digimon ReArise has players assume the role of a Digimon Tamer who must grow with the help of their friends, both human and Digimon alike. Players will be able to connect with their Digimon in the digital world as they feed and tend to their Digimon’s needs. Similar to previous Digimon games, players will also be able to train and interact with other Digimon. This game isn’t all about relaxing though, players are also able to take their Digimon into 5v5 battles against AI enemies during the game’s story as well as PvP in the Battle Park.

The story in Digimon ReArise takes place after Pusurimon appears on your smartphone. Through interactions, you become closer to the strange Digimon. However, peaceful times come to an end when enemies known as Spirals attack. In order to help, Pusurimon “Realizes” from your smartphone and Digivolves into Herissmon to fight against the Spiral threat.

Currently, the game has opened pre-registration for iOS and Android.

You can watch the trailer below:

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