Digimon Con Gets English Survey So Players Can Ask Questions About Digimon Survive And Other Digimon Games

Bandai has opened a new survey for the upcoming event Digimon Con. Though there had been a similar one in English thanks to Bandai Namco Southeastern Asia, this new one was shared by the official Digimon Games Twitter for the general western public. It’s also divided into two questions, specifying one is for the upcoming Digimon Survive while the other can be about all games.

The survey also specifies that they’re not considering game feature requests or suggestions at the moment. As such, asking them, for instance, to add bathing suits for the more endowed evolution forms in Digimon Survive is likely to be ignored. The focus of the questions should be on the games’ development process and other things you’ve been curious about for a long time but never had a chance to ask. Not all questions will be answered, though.

When the worldwide event was announced, it was revealed it would feature a game segment but Digimon Survive news weren’t specified. With the survey explicitly opening questions for it, the game will definitely make an appearance in some form during the event. Hopefully some good news are coming for the people who have been waiting since 2018.

Digimon Survive is a strategy RPG with adventure/visual novel-esque aspects to it. It tells the story of a group of kids who end up in another world having to survive along with their newly-met Digimon partners. Through player choice, the creatures will have different evolutions and the story will branch out into different endings. Digimon Survive‘s release on PC -via Steam-, PS4, Xbox One and Switch is currently planned for 2022.

The Digimon Con will be a livestream for fans all over the world and it’ll be available on Bandai JP‘s YouTube channel on February 26, 5 pm PST. Besides the Digimon games, it’ll share news on the planned future for the franchise in the anime and Vital Bracelet segments. Ayumi Miyazaki, who sung Brave Heart, will also do a live performance.

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