Rogue-Lite Shooter ‘Die After Sunset’ Receives Free Demo on PC

PQube has released a free demo of the Playstark-developed rogue-lite shooter Die After Sunset on PC-via Steam.

The demo is meant to provide a first look at the game’s systems and features ahead of its Early Access release later this year.

Players will find the first level of the game available to explore and loot, along with a large variety of items and weapons. Given this game is a rogue-lite, the combination of weapons is essential to keep players coming back. Further, players can enter a race against time to become powerful enough to fight the final boss known as the Murkraken.

Die After Sunset has players take on the role of April Blazestrong to defeat invading creatures known as Murkor. Sure, they look cute, but they want to destroy Earth. Players will race against the sunset in hopes of completing a level before nightfall and take on the final boss. Dying in the game will probably happen, but each run will leave April with a few additional weapons at her disposal.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Die After Sunset.

For now, you can watch the newest trailer showing gameplay and some of the monsters you’ll have to face off against below:

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