New Diablo IV Gameplay Trailer Highlights Season of the Malignant July 20 Release

Blizzard has released an announcement trailer for their first season of Diablo IV; this season, entitled Season of the Malignant, will have players kill demons and carve their hearts from their chests. This will add new items, a new boss battle, and various corrupted enemies that will need to be slain.

So, players should start planning out what character they would like to run for this season, as with Diablo III, a new character must be made to participate in the season. However, be sure to complete the game once to ensure you can start the new season when it goes live on July 20, as this will be the only requirement to participate.

You can view the new Diablo IV trailer below:

Diablo IV is a dungeon-crawling RPG set in the bleak world of Sanctuary. Players will choose between five different classes to adventure alone or with friends as they search the realm for the Daughter of Hatred, Lillith. However, things will not be easy as hordes of demons rise to defend their master.

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Diablo IV is out now on Playstation, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Season of the Malignant will go live on July 20 for all players.

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