Diablo IV Announces Season of Blood & Quality-of-Life Updates; 12 Million Players & 1.3 Billion Hours of Playtime Confirmed

Blizzard has announced the second season of their action RPG Diablo IV, Season of Blood, for October 17, 2023. The contents players can expect are quoted below:

“Season of Blood is about combatting the rise of vampires in Sanctuary while harnessing their power for your ow . With [the help of Erys the Vampire Hunter], you can embrace new supernatural powers in order to protect Sanctuary from the vampire threat and ultimately face off against the vampire lord.

In addition to new Vampiric Powers, there will be a new Questline to uncover, 5 endgame bosses able to target specific Unique and Ultra Unique items as a drop, and additional quality-of-life updates listed below.”

The following quality-of-life updates will be implemented:
  • More efficient Inventory management for Gems.
  • Paragon Points, Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Obol capacity upgrades will now carry over into a new Season once achieved with an Eternal or previous Seasonal Realm character.
  • Changes to the functionality of status effects include Vulnerable, Overpower, Critical Strike Damage and Elemental Resistances.
  • All updates in the above and the ability to target specific Unique and Ultra Unique items as a drop will be available in both Seasonal and Eternal Realms.

Diablo IV is a dungeon-crawling RPG set in the bleak world of Sanctuary. Players will choose between five different classes to adventure alone or with friends as they search the realm for the Daughter of Hatred, Lillith. However, things will not be easy as hordes of demons rise to defend their master.

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The game was also confirmed to have seen 12 million players and 1.3 billion hours of playtime since launch.

You can view the official announcement trailer for Diablo IV Season of Blood below:

You can view the official blog post for more information.

Diablo IV is out now on Playstation, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC

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