Atmospheric Horror-Adventure ‘Devotion’ Available Now on PC From Developer’s Webstore

RedCandleGames has decided not to rely on any online storefront for its atmospheric horror game Devotion, which was delisted from sites such as Steam and GOG. The developer has launched their own webstore hosting the game for a $16.99 DRM free copy to deliver the game to players.

The reason for the backlist qas caused after Chinese gamers’ review bombed the game when a reference to a meme that stated the Chinese general secretary, Xi Jinping, looked like Winnie the Pooh was spotted. This caused a largely negative response from the region, which cause the developer to change the wording to say, Happy New Year.

Devotion has players assume the role of Du Feng, a screenwriter who can navigate through a Taipei apartment complex where they can look through rooms that represent years in the life of the Du family during the 1980s. The game is played in the first-person and features puzzle elements where players will confront many demonic and chilling experiences.

The game has voiced dialogue in Simplified and Tradition Chinese with English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean text options.

Devotion initially launched in 2019 but has gained notoriety after it was delisted, which may boost its sales.

You can watch the trailer for the game below to get a preview of the gameplay:

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