Devil May Cry V Will Feature Seamless Online Co-Op For Some Missions of the Campaign

Following Capcom’s newest trailer and details about their upcoming stylish action game Devil May Cry V, the developer expanded on the game’s details in a blog post.

The post states that game director Hideaki Itsuno and the development team wanted the game to focus on the single-player campaign. However, since the game juggles a trio of characters they’ve implemented a seamless online co-op for players to interact with each other and take out some demons.

This works in a few different ways, but if the player wishes to play offline then the game will feature ghost data from the developers during the story missions during the time that the characters cross paths. If set to online, players will be matched with each other and then at the end of the coup mission, they’ll be able to rate each other on their style.

The term for this is said to be a cameo system that ensures there will be no downtime when players jump and it won’t affect the player’s single-player experience.

Devil May Cry V brings together years of the series and tells the story of Dante, Nero, and the new character V as they take on demons in the coolest ways imaginable.

Devil May Cry 5 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on March 8, 2019.

You can watch the extended gameplay trailer below:

Author’s take: Incoming we have a hands-on preview coming in hot.

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