Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Killing Demons Never Looked So Cool

Now, let’s be honest, the Devil May Cry series has had its ups and downs. Fans of the series know this, but still, they boast about just how great the series as a whole is. The games have a certain style and design that brings only one word to mind “badass”. I haven’t been the best Devil May Cry fans since with the last entry I beat being Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, but I think that was a good place for me to take a break.

Now, after playing Devil May Cry 5’s exclusive preview on Xbox One, I have formed a solid opinion about the series… Devil May Cry is back baby!

The demo opens up fairly abruptly as Nero and Nico are on their way to clear out some demons. Also, Nero has some new arm gadgets that he wants to try to out, which is a huge part of the demon hunter’s skill set. Although the demo is mostly filled with prompts that will pop up every time you go through the mission, there are moments of pure gameplay and that’s when this game shines brightest…or darkest, anyways, you get the point.

Players must string together combos while using the complete arsenal of Nero’s weaponry. This includes using his Red Queen sword, Blue Rose hand cannon, and Overture and Gerbera Devil Breakers. The Devil Breakers are the most interesting items at his disposal and can be used in several different ways. For one, players can grapple enemies and bring them closure or pull Nero towards them. Using this is great for extending combos and while in the air or getting close to an enormous boss. The Devil Breaker can also be used as a force attack that pushes groups of enemies for large amounts of damage. They also both have different elements, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s also possible to lose the arms entirely when using them as ammo, which puts a damper on Nero’s combos, but they can also be found laying on the ground.

devil may cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 has a ton of combo attacks that range from simple to highly complex that requires a bit of skill. This ensures that players take the time to learn and evolve with the game’s more complex movesets as they push themselves in fights to rack up high rankings. When executed, attacks come off as a beautiful display of gunpowder sparks and blood as you blast and slice your way through multiple enemies. However, the game also has an auto function that allows the player to simply mash the melee button and execute the more complex combos.

After playing both modes, I found that enjoyed the manual setting only because it allowed me to have more control over dodging and which enemies I wanted to attack. With that said, the auto function makes the game extremely easy to the point that a newcomer or someone who just wants to play the story can jump in and have a good time.

devil may cry 5

In the end, I had such a great time with Devil May Cry 5, which made it harder to swallow that we’ll have to wait until March to play the full game. However, I’m not too concerned because I know that from here this game can only get better. I have nothing really negative to say about the game. This is because the demo locks you out of some of the key points of the game, such as Nico’s customization van.

In the end, after getting my hands on Devil May Cry 5, I am more hyped than I have been for the series in a long time and can’t wait to experience the entire story. I’m also interested in seeing how Dante and V play since each character features a different style

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