Detroit: Become Human Sells 9 Million Units Worldwide

Detroit: Become Human Sells 9 Million Units Worldwide

The official Quantic Dream Twitter account announced that their choice-based non-linear narrative title, Detroit: Become Human, has sold over nine million units worldwide across both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

The game was confirmed to have sold over eight million units earlier this year.

During Detroit: Become Human, players will take control of three different androids: Kara, Connor, and Markus. Each comes face to face with moral decisions as their fates lead them down a path no one could have imagined. Players must make choices during the dialogue that shape the adventure and the characters themselves.

There are many endings players can achieve as well, with multiple variations and outcomes depending on the choices that have been made. This gameplay style offers a significant degree of replayability to see every tangling thread throughout the depth of this character-driven sci-fi drama. Additionally, the realism of the art style only enhances the strengths of the story being told.

If you missed it, check out our review of the title back when it launched on PC.

You can view the graphic announcing this sales feat below:

etroit become human

Quantic Dream was recently confirmed to be developing Star Wars Eclipse, a title taking place in an uncharted region of the Outer Rim during the High Republic Era, known as the Jedi Golden Age. However, scant information has been shared since its initial announcement.

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