Detective Pikachu Returns Director Wants a Third Entry

Outlet Comic Book recently interviewed the director of the upcoming Detective Pikachu Returns, Yasunori Yanagisawa, about how it differs from the film and the potentiality of another new entry.

Regarding the latter, while Yanagisawa obviously didn’t go into detail about the contents of the new game’s ending, he did state that it doesn’t leave loose ends indicating a direct follow-up. However, despite the implied clean-cut ending, the team is still hoping for a continuation to further grow Detective Pikauchu’s story.

You can view the relevant quoted response below:

“For Detective Pikachu Returns, there is a nice cutoff point with Tim and Detective Pikachu’s story, but there is a desire to grow Detective Pikachu’s story. We’re hoping that there’s some continuation.”

There hasn’t been all that much fanfare for this incoming release, so it’s worth wondering how it’ll be received; we only have a month left.

You can view Comic Book’s coverage for additional details.

Detective Pikachu Returns is a new mystery game starring everyone’s favorite detective. The game stars a talking Pikachu who will work with his human partner, Tim Goodman, to solve crimes. The game is a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS release but carries a bit of the spunk that we saw in the movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Detective Pikachu Returns will launch for Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2023.

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