Pokémon Shares “Detective Pikachu and the Mystery of the Missing Flan” Six-Minute Animated Short

The Pokémon Company has uploaded a new animated video via their official YouTube channel, featuring Detective Pikachu and his partner Tim investigating the case of the latter’s missing flan.

Detective Pikachu and the Mystery of the Missing Flan is an endearing six-minute short meant to promote the recently launched Detective Pikachu Returns. The following premise was detailed:

Detective Pikachu just wants to film his morning routine, but Tim has a bigger problem: his flan has disappeared from the fridge! It’s definitely a mysterious case, but if anyone can solve it, this dynamic duo can in the animated short “Detective Pikachu and the Mystery of the Missing Flan”!

Detective Pikachu Returns tells the story of a young man called Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu. Together, the two investigate a variety of Pokémon-related incidents in Ryme City, but they also have the common goal of finding Tim’s father, Harry, who was Pikachu’s partner and went missing in an accident.

While Tim talks to humans and understands Pikachu’s speech, the small creature with a penchant for coffee can get answers straight from the other Pokémon’s mouths. The two can also get help in their investigations from Pokémon like Growlithe, Galarian Darmanitan, and Luxray, each of which has special skills.

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You can view Detective Pikachu and the Mystery of the Missing Flan below:

Detective Pikachu Returns is available on Nintendo Switch.

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