Detained: Too Good for School Launches Kickstarter With Console Stretch Goals

O.T.K Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Detained: Too Good for School, a follow-up to their action RPG The Vagrant.

The developer is asking for $13,883 to fund the game’s development with stretch goals revealed to release on modern platforms. The game is an action RPG simulator where players take on missions, roam the streets, fight, and hang out with friends. Currently, the developer is aiming to release Detained: Too Good for School in Q1 2022.

Players assume the role of either Reika or Julie, who must work together to get through school and survive the tough streets. This is a simulation action title where players control the girls who seek vengeance over a man that landed them in juvie. While progressing the narrative through story missions, players can also live their high school life around the city. This includes taking part-time jobs, dating boys or girls, becoming a hostess, an underground fighter, a competitive eater, and even a bad guy.

The game features 4 male and 4 female romanceable routes. The dating scenes are determined by whether or not you hang out with the characters during and after school. Still, you can friendzone a character if you don’t want things to get too serious.

You can watch the new trailer for Detained: Too Good for School below:

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