mirai-Developed Visual Novel ‘Destiny Star Girlfriend’ Gets October Release Date

Publisher Shiravune has announced the release date for Destiny Star Girlfriend. The visual novel also known as Shukusei no Girlfriend -the destiny star of girlfriend- was developed by mirai and it will be available in English on October 18, 2023. As usual for the publisher, it’ll be available on PC through Steam and Johren.

Destiny Star Girlfriend tells the story of Seiji, an everyday guy who’s suddenly attacked by space demons. Luckily, his classmate, Yuuri, who just happens to be the girl he likes, comes to his rescue using magical powers to deal with them.

However, the battle leaves the two fatally wounded, forcing Miss Fujiko to come and aid them by tying their life forces together. Now, they’ll have to rest for three months while living together so that they can avoid certain death.

This is a big opportunity for Seiji to finally confess his love for Yuuri during the full volume. Though the game features multiple choices, there’s a single ending to the experience, leaving what could have been alternate routes as full sequels.

Destiny Star Girlfriend‘s story is written by Harmony, with illustrations by Kannagi Rei (Princess Witches) and soundtrack by Amedio (WanNyan a la Mode). Yuuri is voiced by Ichigo Momoi, who acted as Chrono Clock’s Dorothy Davenport and Detective Masochist’s Nonoichi Subaru.

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