Destiny Chronicles Renamed Eternal Radiance in New Development Update

Fans of the indie RPGs will know the name Destiny Chronicles, the developer Visualnoveler has attempted several Kickstarters for the project to help with its development, however, each has fallen short of the team’s goal.

Now, the team is back with an update to announce that they will be renaming the game to Eternal Radiance. This creates a new opportunity for the relaunch to carry less negativity around the previous failed crowdfunding attempts. The name also carries some resemblance to previous RPGs such as Eternal Sonata and Radiant Historia.

However, the team hasn’t just been sitting on their hands thinking of a new name, they have also developed a  new demo to launch alongside their Kickstarter relaunch. The time plans to launch their newest crowdfunding venture in February 2019.

The demo will be 1 – 2 hours long and contain the first part of the story as the heroines make their way to the forest event. Players can also experience the RPG elements they’ve implemented in the game including the recent battle improvements.

Additionally, the team has shared some updated assets and screenshots showing characters and enemies, which you can see below:

Author’s take: A new change is very important and will most likely help this studio reach their goal. I’m not sure why the game has failed so many times in the past, but it’s most likely due to the lack of funds for proper promotion. Good luck to them!

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