Destiny Chronicles Relaunches on Kickstarter With Playable Demo and Details

Visualnoveler has relaunched their Destiny Chronicles Kickstarter to attempt to acquire funds in order to finish the development of their JRPG.

For those who don’t know, Destiny Chronicles has attempted to a Kickstarter in the past but sadly fell short of meeting their goal. However, now the team has returned to attempt the crowdfunding platform once again and bringing with them so new additions.

Destiny Chronicles is asking for $44,456 in order to fund development of a PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Additionally, the team has provided a new demo for players to dive into in hopes to spark some extra trust in the team from possible backers.

Destiny Chronicles follows the story of Celeste who is traveling the continent with her companions Valana and Ruby. While they are on the adventure they will learn more about the world around them as they fight many enemies and meet other characters. Players will also be able to customize the party by unlocking new skills and wielding new equipment.

The developer details the story:

For centuries, the Ashen Order has protected the people of Darencia from monsters. Celeste, a young squire training to join the knighthood, is sent to the forest village of Ornwood to prove herself worthy by retrieving an ancient artifact that has corrupted the forest.

When a mysterious young woman steals the artifact before Celeste can take it, she fails her initiation. Determined to prove herself, Celeste leaves home to find the thief, reclaim the artifact, and become a knight.

But the outside world is much different than the isolated society Celeste grew up in, and she joins forces with the mercenary Valana and the researcher mage Ruby. Their journey takes them across a continent filled with mysterious ruins, remnants of an ancient civilization that crumbled ages ago. No one knows who they were or why they fell, and the stolen artifact is one of the few remaining relics from their era.

The more Celeste sees of the world, the more she questions not only her mission, but also the role of the knighthood. Is it right for them to remain separate from the rest of the world? Do they protect people as much as they claim, or have they prioritized the artifacts they seek above the lives of the people they claim to protect?

One thing is certain: the woman who took the artifact is no ordinary thief, and the stolen artifact is only the tip of a dark plot. A mysterious destiny ties them together, and this journey will change Celeste’s life forever.

For more information check out the game’s Kickstarter, you can also check out the gameplay from the Kickstarter demo below:

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