Mobile CCG ‘Destiny Child’ Launches World Boss Trial Season 9

Shift Up has launched a new World Boss Trial update for their mobile CCG Destiny Child, available now on iOS and Android devices.

From now until June 8, players will find a new World Boss Trial featuring a Boss Raid challenge. Players are able to call up to 20 characters to fight against the World boos for a chance to collect a myriad of in-game rewards, including Magic Mirror Fragments for every time the boss is defeature. Also, players will gain additional rewards for participating in the battle at least once a day or by complete the Trial Mission.

The Magic Mirror Fragments can be used to purchase in-game items including 5-star Child, 5-star Soul Carta, and more. The Shop is open until June 11.

Those who do take on the world boss will meet two new Childs, 5-star Rider Kubaba, a Dark Type Attack Booster, and 5-star Passionate Ruler Aurora King, a Light Type Defend Child.

Destiny Child includes over 300 character cards to collect and nurture. Each character has their own story that players will be able to build a party for various strategic plays to progress the narrative. The game originally launched in 2016 in Korea.

In case you missed it the game recently launched a collaboration with Catherine and also appears in a Browndust collaboration.

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