Episodic Space Adventure ‘Destination Primus Vita’ Gets PC Launch Date

Nim Nim announced that their episodic first-person space puzzler Destination Primus Vita will launch on PC-via Steam on August 16, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releasing at a later date.

Destination Primus Vita tells the story of an alien attack that ruined Earth and stole nearly all of the planet’s water. However, there seems to be some hope in Crew 121, a collection of six scientists and soldiers from various regions. In order to reclaim their water and save human life, the scientist must travel to the alien home world and enter cryosleep for years.

Players will need to work through many cognitive tests designed by the ship’s AI in order to keep the crew sharp. These tests are pulled from the crew members’ memories and require the player to work through them as they progress the story.

Destination Primus Vita is developed by a team of Ubisoft veterans including a former producer, narrative director, lead character artist, and software engineers. Usually, this means that these creators left the larger company in order to create a product that they otherwise couldn’t have within a their previous company.

You can check out the announcement trailer as well as some new screenshots below:

Author’s take: How can you have a game with the name Vita in it and not release on PlayStation Vita!? This game looks interesting, I feel as though the most interesting scenes will include learning more about the diverse crew through their memories.

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