Denpasoft Releases ‘LOVE³ -Love Cube-‘ With Uncensored Digital Artbook

Denpasoft Releases ‘LOVE³ -Love Cube-‘ With Uncensored Digital Artbook

Denpasoft announced that the Neko Works-developed comedic visual novel LOVE³ -Love Cube- is available now on their online shop.

The game is the adult version of LOVE³ -Love Cube-, but the company has also announced that it is hosting the digital artbook containing art from the game uncensored. It seems like the game itself still contains minimal mosaics. I say minimally because it’s kind of hard to tell that the mosaics are there. The game is available for $19.99 and the artbook is available for $9.99. The artbook contains spoilers so it’s encouraged that you play the game.

LOVE³ -Love Cube- follows the story of Ichinari Tsuzurigi, an artist struggling to afford food or even rent. That is until his editor, Akira Higashibojo, offers him a position as an assistant to one of the most popular manga artists in the adult industry. Trying to do anything he can to survive, Ichinari accepts only to find out that the person is his childhood friend…how convenient.

Evidently, they made a pact together to become manga artists, So, following their reunion, it’s discovered that a certain god has taken an interest in their wishing and blessed them with interconnecting “Fates” will change the course of their lives. It also just so happens that Ichinari is now working with three attractive girls who might also be attracted to him.

LOVE³ -Love Cube- features three routes and fully animated characters using Live2D. The game also focuses on bashful faces because they are the “cutest thing”. Players will also be able to display two languages simultaneously is they are trying to learn a new language.

LOVE³ -Love Cube- is also available on Steam.

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