Persona and SMT-Inspired Tactics RPG ‘Demonschool’ Shows Off New Combat Gameplay in Trailer

Persona and SMT-Inspired Tactics RPG ‘Demonschool’ Shows Off New Combat Gameplay in Trailer

Ysbryd Games released a new trailer for the Necrosoft Games-developed tactical RPG Demonschool, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Q2 2024.

The trailer highlights a few battle techniques players can take with them when the game is eventually released.

Demonschool has players step into the shoes of Faye, the heir to the last demon hunter family, as she navigates her freshman year of college. Balancing academic pursuits with supernatural challenges, Faye is tasked with investigating eerie occurrences and repairing the rift between worlds. The game uniquely blends academic life and otherworldly adventures, where building relationships with classmates is key to strengthening Faye’s demon-hunting team.

The combat system in Demonschool is influenced by the tactical game Into the Breach, offering a dynamic and strategic experience. Players must tactically position their party members to execute powerful combos during the Action phase, where each move—from attacks to healing—is played out simultaneously. The game boasts a rich variety of cooperative attack combinations, with 15 potential teammates available, each bringing their unique abilities to the fray. This allows players to stylishly dispatch demons in a myriad of ways.

Battles in Demonschool take place on a chess-like board, where each move is critical, and players can even rewind time to refine their strategies. In the Planning phase, players will strategize their squad’s movements, using the unique skills of each character to formulate the most effective attack patterns and combo strikes. This strategic layer adds depth to the game, as players face off against a range of enemies, from spine-chilling demons to massive bosses. Each encounter requires careful planning and execution, challenging players to master the art of tactical combat in this unique blend of college life and supernatural battles.

You can watch the trailer below:

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