Indie Adventure ‘Demon Turf’ Revealed for Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in New Trailer

During IGN’s Summer of Gaming livestream, Fabraz revealed their newest game Demon Turf, in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Epic Games Store and Steam.

Demon Turf is set in the Demon World, which is inhabited by a lot of bad guys who are lumped into gangs who battle for dominion over the land. However, none of these gangs are a match for the Demon King. Now, players will assume the role of a young demon, barely a thousand years old, who is hell-bent on kicking everyone’s butt and become the Demon Queen.

Demon Turf features a combination of 2D illustration with the depth of 3D environments. The game takes a humoristic approach to its narrative as players utilize “Turf” abilities that players will unlock as they make their way through different turfs. These Turf abilities include different abilities that can be used against enemies or as new ways to traverse the levels. Additionally, there’s also a Photo Hunt mode where players can take pictures of hidden locations and other fun sceneries. There are also mods available that players can purchase to change the game and alter the play style of each level.

You can watch the gameplay reveal for Demon Turf below:

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