3D Platformer ‘Demon Turf’ Launches New Queen’s Edition Bundle on Steam, Giving Owners Free Content & Making Game More Expensive

Developer Fabraz announced that their 3D platformer Demon Turf has been upgraded to the Queen’s Edition. This means that all owners of the title on Steam will receive the “previously standalone DLC Neon Splash in addition to the Tower and Level Editor” for free.

On the other hand, for those who don’t own the base game, its price has now been raised from $25 USD to $30 USD due to the significant increase in content. As for owners of the Neon Splash DLC specifically, they will get five dollars discounted when purchasing Demon Turf itself.

To access the new content, a new launcher has been integrated, adding Demon Turf, Demon Turf Neon Splash, and Demon Turf Tower options. The team has stated that this “works seamlessly with any gamepad as well as on the Steam Deck.”

Lastly, regarding the potential implementation of this content for the console versions, the following statement was provided:

Will the console versions get the same upgrade?

Unfortunately not, due to technical reasons. The level editor heavily relies on Steam’s online services. Neon Splash & Tower are separate applications which one can’t bundle in a launcher on consoles. We are happy to report, however, that the Neon Splash standalone version is also launching on EGS & GoG today in addition to being available on the Nintendo Switch already.”

Demon Turf is set in the Demon World, inhabited by a lot of bad guys who are lumped into gangs who battle for dominion over the land. However, none of these gangs are a match for the Demon King. Now, players will assume the role of a young demon, barely a thousand years old, who is hell-bent on kicking everyone’s butt and becoming the Demon Queen.

Demon Turf features a combination of 2D illustrations with the depth of 3D environments. In addition, the game takes a humoristic approach to its narrative as players utilize “Turf” abilities that players will unlock as they make their way through different turfs. These Turf abilities include different abilities that can be used against enemies or new ways to traverse the levels.

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