Deltarune: Chapter 2 Finally Gets A PC Release And It’s Coming Out This Week

During the livestream to commemorate Undertale‘s sixth anniversary, Toby Fox has announced the release date for Deltarune: Chapter 2. The continuation to the saga of Kris and friends will be available for PC on September 17, 2021. It’ll be possible to download it through and a countdown to the release is currently running on the site.

Deltarune is a new project in the Undertale series and, unlike the previous game, its release is episodic. You can check out Chapter 1 by downloading the game through the same website. There are also PS4 and Switch releases of Chapter 1. There has been no word on Chapter 2’s console releases yet.

Deltarune: Chapter 1 tells the story of Kris, a kid who ends up paired with Susie in what seems to be a particularly bad day. However, the two end up in the Dark World and find out about a prophecy that just might be about them. In this place, they meet Ralsei, Lancer and a variety of other interesting characters.

Instead of playing with only a single character, Deltarune explores the use of a party. Considering how the first chapter ended, the next part of the story is likely to expand on multiple open ends. It’s also quite possible that characters who look like Undertale ones will be making their appearance. Check out the teaser below:

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