Sci-Fi Adventure ‘Deliver Us The Moon’ Gets Launch Trailer Before October 10 PC Release

Publisher Wired Productions and developer KeokeN Interactive have announced that the hugely anticipated space sci-fi epic Deliver Us The Moon is set to launch on PC-via Steam and for $24.99 on October 10 (tomorrow). To celebrate the launch, Wired Productions has released a launch trailer.

Full GeForce RTX real-time ray tracing support is set to dock later in October, and Deliver Us The Moon for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is in development and will release in 2020.

Planting its own flag to mark the end of the United Nation’s World Space Week celebrations, Deliver Us The Moon will take players to new frontiers on a genre-defining, intergalactic journey.

Set in an apocalyptic near-future, Deliver Us The Moon will have players assume the role of Earth’s last astronaut who’s on a mission to investigate what happened to Earth. You see, Humans have depleted Earth’s natural resources. To solve the energy crisis, the World Space Agency was in charge of securing a promising new source of energy on the moon. Thankfully, the agency was successful in doing so and had found a way to send that energy source right down to Earth. One fateful night, however, all communications from the agency had ceased, and thus, the energy source was lost. With Earth in dire need of energy, and humanity hanging on by just a thread, it’ll be up to you to be the savior of both Earth and humanity.

Saving humanity will all boil down to solving environmental puzzles, hazardous obstacles to overcome, and piecing together the overall story as you progress. We happened to enjoy our time with the game, which you can find out why by checking out our preview.

Go on a quick intergalactic mission thanks to the Deliver Us The Moon launch trailer below:

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