Co-op Puzzle Platformer ‘Degrees of Separation’ Details Unique Gameplay in New Video

Modus Games released a new video from the Moondrop developer co-op puzzle platformer Degrees of Separation, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on February 14.

Degrees of Separation tells the story of two characters, Ember and Rime, who manifest an elemental theme, Fire and Ice, respectively. This keeps the two from coming into contact with each other and leads them on a journey to discover a solution.

Throughout Degrees of Separation, players can play solo or with a friend to journey through various environments as they use the powers for the two characters to get past puzzles. In the later parts of the game, players will be able to use even more powerful tactics such as creating gusts of wind, freezing rivers, and creating platforms.

The new video details this gameplay as a narrator walks you through some of the basic actions that players will be able to execute. Additionally, the video gives a look at some of the early environments of the adventure.

You can watch the trailer below:

Author’s take: Even though they say this game can be played solo, it’s totally a co-op game. Releasing on Valentines Day is a pretty nice idea on how to spend the holiday…arguing because someone can turn a lever at the correct time, I’m kidding.

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