Deemo The Movie Gets New Trailer Introducing Characters and Setting

Pony Canyon and developer Rayark revealed a new trailer for Deemo The Movie, which doesn’t currently have a release date.

The new trailer reveals some plot points that players of the rhythm game will know and a few recognizable characters. However, there will also be some original characters for the release and additional storylines that will be new to fans.

Pony Canyon will be publishing the film, with the theme song composed by Kajiura Yuki being sung by a 14-year old girl named Hinano Takashima, who won a contest.

Deemo’s story has always been fairly emotional as a young girl finds herself trapped in a mysterious world. The only person there to help her is a strange human-like individual named Deemo. The only escape happens to be a window on the roof of the structure. To get up to the window, Deemo must use his power to grow a plant that will stretch to the roof and allow the girl to escape.

The game has players play various songs and tap the screen as the notes fly down. However, the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game has players use a controller instead of tapping, which is new for the series. The PS4 version also supports PSVR and features puzzle elements.

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You can watch the new animated trailer below:

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