Action-Platformer Deathstick Renamed ‘Akatori’ Which is Much Better Than Deathstick

HypeTrain Digital announced that they have renamed the TeamNora Games-developed action-platformer, DeathStick, to “Akatori” to release on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam in Q3 2022.

Akatori consists of two Japanese words that refer to a red canary who the main character meets at the beginning of the game, which can also turn into a staff.

Akatori has players assume the role of Make, who begins her journey to save the world from destruction. For ages, an ancient God has been dormant, allowing two dimensions of the magical world of Aakalia to co-exist in balance. However, that all changes as the god awakens to conduct a dark ritual that will kill everyone.

It seems like Mako is the only one who can stop the carnage, so she travels off to follow her destiny.

During gameplay, players can switch through dimensions to extend combos as they travel through environments. The combat system is the core element of gameplay, which features lengthy attacks and juggling. Make is equipped with a quarterstaff (her death stick, maybe?) and a hand fan to perform melee and ranged attacks.

In case you missed it, the publisher recently released a gameplay teaser. They have also promised a demo will release in 2021. However, not too much is being shown in the game at this time.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release and development of DeathStick.

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