Soulslike ‘Deathbound’ Shares Combat Teaser Trailer

Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio have shared a combat teaser trailer for their previously announced Soulslike, Deathbound.

During gameplay, players can absorb the essences of fallen warriors they discover throughout the world via the Binding System. Adequate acquisition of Essence will enable one to hone their playstyle gradually with several learnable skills and abilities, as well as the capacity to craft one’s own party.

Speaking of the lattermost point, the Dynamic Transformation system will let players actively swap between other heroes on the fly, highly emphasizing adaptability and reflexes at the forefront of the experience. Morphstrikes are another integral feature of combat part of the Binding System, initiating powerful attacks by using the accumulated powers of the absorbed fallen fighters.

Moreover, the Binding System ties into the game’s narrative, as its continued usage will reveal facets surrounding the fallen and the world they reside in. Still, “players must tread carefully when Binding, as not all heroes converge harmoniously.” Players can also anticipate enemies whose natures are “based on the five stages of grief.”

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You can view the combat teaser trailer for Deathbound below:

Deathbound will launch for PC in 2024.

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