Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced at Summer Game Feast

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Announced at Summer Game Feast

There promises to be a ton of world premieres unveiled at Summer Games Fest. During a small interview, Hideo Kojima talked about his work on his most recent game. It wasn’t until the end that Kojima said to wait and unveiled a small trailer.

The trailer at first was small, announcing that it was captured on the PS5 in the right-hand corner. Watching Sam explore a small area that looks surprisingly familiar to those who played any of Kojima’s past games. It ends with Sam messing with a box entering inside it but not actually using it as you would expect.

This, of course, is supposed to be reminiscent of the previous games that Kojima has worked on. Almost as if poking fun at his roots while looking at the future.

Death Stranding was initially revealed back in 2016. The game marks Kojima’s first major project since he left Konami, and unfortunately, leaving the Metal Gear Solid series behind. Since its reveal, Kojima has been releasing more information about the game, but there is still much to be discussed. Set in the future, players assume the role of Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus.

The game follows his quest through a strange world inhabited by otherworldly entities and the constant haunting of the past. The element that connects him to the world are found in babies, but even they have an expiration date. Where this game takes the player is anyone’s guess, but we are eagerly awaiting the adventure.

In case you missed it, check out our review.

As always, if you were too busy to catch the stream, below is the full trailer shown.

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