Horror Visual Novel ‘Death Mark’ Will Be Uncensored on Steam

Aksys Games has launched the Steam page for the Experience developed visual novel Death Mark, coming April 4.

Death Mark follows a strange rumor that anyone who receives a mark from a spirit in the form of a bite mark tattoo will pretty much die within a few days. Players assume the role of one of these victims as he loses his memories and searches for the spirit that gave him the mark. Throughout the game, players will meet other victims and travel to new locations to see if their spirit is the same as yours.

Originally released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 31, Death Mark has received some alterations in the west with one of the game’s CG scenes not being able to appear in the western release. However, that all seems to change within Steam release that reads, “There is also a scene with a woman being tortured by having her mouth forcibly held open and being fed spiders.” The scene in question was the one that was removed from the console version of the game in the west.

Image removal aside, we thought Dead Mark was a great adventure visual novel with some really scary moments that you can check out on in our review.

You can watch our video review of the game below:

Author’s take: This is a really great game for anyone looking to get scared and follow a mystery.

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