Death End Re;Quest Gets Western Release Date and Strategic Battle System Details

Idea Factory International revealed that the Compile Heart developed JRPG, Death End Re;Quest, will launch on PlayStation 4 on February 19 in North America and February 22 in Europe.

To celebrate the western announcement, the publisher also released a new trailer detailing the game’s strategic battle system. During the time that players are exploring the dungeon as Shina Ninomiya, random battles will be triggered. In battle, players are able to freely run around the map and position themselves in the best way to attack the enemy.

However, there’s a bit of skill that can be incorporated into battles. Each battle arena has a number of “Field Bugs” that are placed around the floor. These Field Bugs can be analyzed to show the effect it will have if a character comes into contact with it. Some Field Bugs will raise the character’s attack level, but lower their defenses, and others might raise their corruption level. If a character’s corruption level reaches over 80% they will go into Glitch Mode which enables them to use a power attack. If they die in this mode, they will be revived after the battle with a number of status ailments.

Similarly, while exploring dungeons, certain characters will be able to use a unique skill that enables the characters to reach hard to access areas for special items. In truth, the battle system and dungeon exploring features in this game run pretty deep and gives the player a lot of room to try new things, such as chaining together attacks and using help from Shina’s real-world colleague, Arata.

If you want to know more about the game’s story, please check out our feature taking a closure look at the characters and gameplay outside of battle.

You can watch the new trailer and check out some screenshots below:

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