Death End re;Quest Gets New Screenshots and Introduces the Ludens

Idea Factory International released new screenshots and details for their RPG Death End re;Quest, coming to PlayStation 4 on February 22.

The screenshots show off character dialog during the game’s English version. Much of the dialog will take place in the real world portion of the game that exists alongside the dungeon crawling portion. However, the dialog shown today features a little more of the girls of World’s Odyssey talking with each other.

Additionally, the publisher released new information about the game’s cast. However, this group of characters is known as the Ludens and aren’t the nicest people you’re going to meet while exploring the World Odyssey’s Strain Area. Good or evil, here are their details:

  • Alice – She is the Agent of Desire, who often speaks for the rest of the Ludens. Her peaceful demeanor might trick you into thinking she’s approachable, but she has a tendency to look down upon others.
  • Ripuka – She is obsessed with murders and massacres. Her desires to kill inspires her to commit unfathomable atrocities.
  • Nova – She is the Agent of Wrath. Her aggressive front makes her difficult to reason with. She is a masochist, deriving enjoyment from the inflicting of pain.
  • Levin – He is the Agent of Fear, and is the only male amongst the Ludens.

Death end re;Quest tells the story of Arata Mizunashi, a video game programmer who lost his colleague, Shina Ninomiya while they were developing a new game called World’s Odyssey or W.O.D. Strangely, one day he receives an email from here and discovers that she is trapped in the digital world leaving it up to them to team up once again and help her escape.

In case you missed it, check out the game’s limited edition. Also, we got some hands-on time with the English build of Death end re;Quest along with extra gameplay from the battle system a package it together in a feature for you.

You can check out the dialog screenshots below:

Author’s take: Looking good!

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