Death End Re;Quest Glitches Out in New Screenshots

Idea Factory International released new screenshots for their upcoming RPG Death End Re;Quest, coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2019.

The screenshots show off the game’s “Glitch Mode” feature that doesn’t brick your system or erase save files. Instead, when party member touches a “Fatal Bug” or is attacked their corruption level increases. Evidentally, when this corruption becomes too much for the character to handle they will enter Glitch Mode and obtain God-level abilities.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and being in this mode for too long and extending far beyond their limits will render the character immovable. Also, in the event that they fall in battle, they’ll be revived with status ailments.

Death End Re;Quest tells the story of Arata Mizunashi, a video game programmer who lost his colleague, Shina Ninomiya while they were developing a new game called World’s Odyssey or W.O.D. Strangely, one day he receives an email from here and discovers that she is trapped in the digital world leaving it up to them to team up once again and help her escape.

Players will play through the game in the game world as well as the real world in order to figure out how to progress and get Shina home safe. The game features a turn-based battle system and also features multiple other genres.

In case you missed it, the publisher recently revealed new information about the characters.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

Author take: I like that these two characters who were once working together on a project must work together once again after thinking all hope was lost for them. The game has a lot to prove with the inclusion of other genres, but I’m interested to see how the story plays out.

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