Death end re;Quest 3 Development Confirmed by Compile Heart

In a rather lengthy Famitsu interview, Compile Heart staff Naoto Tominaga and Hikaru Yasui revealed several games the developer is working on. And alongside a new mainline Neptunia entry, the third Death end re;Quest title, Death end re;Quest 3, has been confirmed to be in development.

Unfortunately, practically no details about the project itself were shared since the focus is currently on the newly announced spinoff Death end re;Quest Code Zion. Still, it’s neat to finally have confirmation on this project since, for those unaware, fully completing Death End Re;Quest 2 granted a new opening movie highly teasing a continuation of the series.

It’s worth emphasizing that we do not yet know the actual name of this game, so we’re calling it Death end re;Quest 3 to make it clear what it is.

You can view the translated exchange below via our team’s Ryuji:

Interviewer: Now, please tell us about your next title.

Tominaga: Next up, we have a new title in the Death end re;Quest series, and this project consists of both a numbered game and a spinoff game being developed at the same time, but since the numbered game will still take time, the spinoff will be released first. The tentative title [of the spinoff game] is Death end re;Quest Code: Zion.

The story [of Death end re;Quest Code: Zion] is connected to the first and second numbered games, and we are building on the idea that you will be able to enjoy the story more if you’ve played those. We can challenge ourselves with new elements because it is a spinoff, so we hope you will check them out in the follow-up report. We plan to release it in Summer 2024.

You can read more details via Famitsu.

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