Death end re;Quest 2 Producer Explains Horror and Cute Balance and Ao Oni Collaboration

Compile Heart producer Norihisa Kochiwa shared some insight into the development of Death End Re;Quest 2, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 25.

In an interview with publisher Idea Factory International, the producer shares how the team approached developing this sequel to be a continuation of the first title, but also approachable to newcomers, Kochiwa-san explains, “We designed the story to be enjoyed regardless if one has played the first installment. We wanted to give it a novel kind of spark for players to experience but also make it easy to navigate on the first go-round. As far as the plot goes, I wanted players to bask in the same fear and dread the characters feel in the game!”

However, the game blends cute characters with horror elements, which required the team to find a balance between the two, with Kochiwa-san adding, “Cuteness and horror may seem antithetical, but they actually mesh quite well together. If we had lacked one or the other, I don’t think the idea would translate as well.” The team first added the cute elements before mixing in the horror arcs, and everything fell into place.

Lastly, Death End Re;Quest 2 will feature a mini-game of Ao Oni, a popular indie horror game from Japan. Kochiwa-san explains how this collaboration happened by saying, “It all started from one of our staff, mentioning that it would be neat to collaborate with a similar horror game. That’s when Ao Oni, a popular horror game in Japan, was proposed. Because Death end re;Quest 2 had several moments where players are being chased, we devised a mini-game blending the originally-2D Ao Oni with 3D gameplay to pursue the character.”

Death End Re;Quest 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on August 25.

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