Death end re;Quest 2 Gets Opening Movie Trailer and Gameplay Details

Death end re;Quest 2 Gets Opening Movie Trailer and Gameplay Details

Idea Factory International released the new opening trailer from the Compile Heart-developed RPG Death End Re;Quest 2, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC later in 2020.

The trailer gives viewers a quick look at the characters and setting for this new RPG. Honesty, it’s just a flashy display of character CGs and animations on top of the catchy song Bug Fixer by Gesshoku Kaigi.

Additionally, the publisher details gameplay where players will find themselves adventuring through the game during night and day cycles. During the day, players can explore the dormitory and Le Choara to search for clues. In the evening, the town pretty much turns to hell as creatures roam the streets. Players will need to find ways to progress in both the day and night cycles in order to get through the narrative.

Death End Re;Quest 2’s story stars Mai Toyama, who is seeking an escape from her traumatic past. She finds herself inrolled in an all-girls dormitory known as Wordsworth, in Le Choara. She finds herself there as she searches for her sister, Sanae, who was last seen in the city. However, she soon discovers that the town turns to a nightmare during the night as the streets are filled with what is known as Shadow Matter, a group of creatures. As Mai explores more, she gets closer to the truth of her sister’s whereabouts.

Gameplay has players exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. The battle system is turn-based, where players will aim to knockback enemies into walls and other enemies to cause extra damage. The game also features a day and night cycle where you gather clues during the die and fight for your life at night. The series returns with visual novel and RPG elements.

In case you missed it, check out the details for Mai, Rottie, Liliana, and ShinaMidra, Julietta, Arata, and Lydia, Lily Hopes, Al Astra, Clea Glaive, Lucil Filarete, and Celica Clayton, and Chitsuba Idean, Victorie Millet, and Vina Miles.

You can check out the opening video below:

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