First ‘Dead or Alive 6′ Character DLC Lets You Exchange Blows with The King of Fighters’ Mai and Kula

Koei Tecmo America and Team Ninja have announced that the first-ever DLC characters for Dead or Alive 6 have entered the fight, Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond from SNK’s The King of Fighters series.

The new characters are being offered as part of DOA6’s Season Pass 1, and will also be available for purchase individually for $7.99. For those that want to make both fighters even more stylish, there are separate costume packs available for $2.99 per fighter. A special character and costume bundle is also being offered that includes both SNK favorites, complete with five outfits each for the discounted price of $15.99. Seems like the best bang for your buck would be to get the bundle, especially if you’re a huge KoF fan like myself.

Mai Shiranui is known to King of Fighters fans as “The Alluring Ninja” for many, many reasons. First off, she’s one fast and nimble female ninja (kunoichi) and the successor of the Shiranui style ninjutsu. Rather than throwing just mere shurikens at opponents, Mai prefers to whack opponents with large fans and burns anyone that gets in her way with her firey attacks. Not only are her attacks too hot to handle, but her sizzling attire is hard to ignore.

To balance out the extreme heat that Mai brings into DoA 6 is “The Ice Doll,” Kula Diamond. Kula has a vastly different fighting style as she prefers quick and easy strikes and unexpected transitions to special attacks through the use of cancels. She also lives up to her name “The Ice Doll” as she has the power to unleash ice for her striking blows, thanks to her ability to instantly freeze water particles in mid-air. Kula does much more than send a chill down opponents spines, she freezes them.

Interestingly, she’s not just any human either as she’s a modified human created by the NESTS organization. The conception of Kula, however, didn’t go exactly as planned as she has some…complications — including a candy addiction and, well, the fact that she appears much younger than her actual age.

For a fun little DoA history fact: Both Mai and Kula were in the previous DoA game, Dead or Alive 5, as playable characters.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam.

Watch Mai heat things up and Kula cool things down in the trailer and check out their various costumes in the screenshots below:

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