Team Ninja Reveals Dead or Alive 6 Patch v1.22 as “Final DLC” Releasing in Mid April; v1.21a Out Now, Fixes Hair Color DLC on PS4

Developer Team Ninja has revealed that Patch v1.22 will be the final DLC for their tournament fight Dead or Alive 6, with a planned release for mid-April.

The patch will include the DLC revival costume set for High Society and School Uniforms along with various bug fixes. This patch comes after a year of updates of the fighting game and many costume sets. The developer also shared that features such as online matches, rankings, and the store will remain available to players.

While this makes the end of patches for Dead or Alive 6, we can assume the developer is working on an Ultimate version, which the series is also known for. Regardless, it’s always sad when the announcements come as the community deserves patch support and balances to fighters. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news about the series in the future.

Patch v1.21a is available now on PlayStation 4 and allows players who purchase hair color to use them on permanent bases for any hairstyle that features it and includes all available colors. So you in purchase the hair color change for Marie Rose’s Long hairstyle, it will be available for all 16 hair colors for that style.

Dead or Alive 6 recently launched a new fighter, Tamaki. This new fighter has a range of combos that make her lethal in a variety of arenas. She can begin combos with the Fatal Rush system and unleash multiple hits that aim to push opponents into danger zones. Additionally, she has advanced holds that extend her combos and send her victims flying. This throw is the perfect way to end a lengthy combo and then position her behind an opponent.

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