Dead Cells Update 25 – Practice Makes Perfect – Aims to Make the Roguelike More Inviting to New Players; Optional Powerups

Developer and publisher Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released update 25 for their critically acclaimed rogue-like, Dead Cells. This update primarily adds new optional features aimed at newer and less experienced players to make them gradually more skilled at the title.

One of the notable additions is the Training Room which allows players to train against any previously encountered mobs and boss battles. The benefits of this mode are obvious, and being able to practice against foes at one’s leisure instead of having to reach them every run saves a massive degree of time.

The new Aspects feature provides overpowered yet optional boosts for players seeking to see more of the game. However, new boss cells and flawless boss achievements can not be earned when playing with these powerups enabled, further honing in on how the inclusions of this update are not to make the title fundamentally easier, but to instead make it more approachable so that with enough dedication, anyone can progress without having to lean on excess aid.

Dead Cells is an action roguelike where players enter various Biomes to defeat mobs of enemies. Many boss encounters will put the player’s skills to the test.

It is currently available on many platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, iOS, Android, and PC via Microsoft Windows and Steam.

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