Dead Cells Launches Free Bestiary Update Adding Lots of New Content

Motion Twin launched a free new update for their action roguelike Dead Cells, available now on PC, with a console release to follow next month.

Players will find a host of new content waiting for them, including six new enemies, three of which are biome specific, and three are seen through the levels at different Boss Cells.

There are also eleven new affixes, detailed by the developer:

  • Eight new normal affixes including ice, fire, bleed or poison, grenades arrows and more
  • Three new starred affixes including oil and fire spreading around when a deployable trap is destroyed, pushing enemies around you when the effect of hte used active ends and extended duration on powers like Wings, Crow and Smokebomb

Players will also find two new items, a Crowbar and Portable Door. New additions have also been added to The Bad Seed content, including a new lore room full of secrets. Lastly, there are three new outfits available.

Dead Cells is an action roguelike where players enter various Biomes to defeat mobs of enemies. Additionally, the game features boss encounters that will put the player’s skills to the test.

The free update comes after the game’s first paid DLC, The Bad Seed, which launched earlier this year.

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