Dead Cells Free Update 21 Now Available on Steam

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that the 21st free update for their hit rogue-lite, Dead Cells is now available for all owners of the game on Steam.

There is a ‘TLDR’ on the specificities this free update provides, which you can view below:

  • Color scaling rework
  • Malaise rework
  • New mutations
  • New mob, weapon, outfits & diet
  • Backpack rework
  • Hand of the King lore room
  • Usual QoL fixes

Here are some more specific changes and additions for this patch:

  • The Katana weapon, the most requested weapon from the community, is finally in the official game as well. This weapon allows players to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack by holding the button. In order to fully immerse yourself within this attack, wearing the ninja outfit is preferred.
  • The new mob is the first mob that has been inspired by a Discord community member. This new mob, the Demolisher, uses the Explosive Crossbow to shoot at players from a distance.
  • There are new holiday-themed outfits, including 2 Christmas-themed ones.
  • A new lore hidden room is somewhere within the castle.

The Malaise mechanic has been heavily improved. You can read the improvements below:

  • The bar now fills with game time, but pauses in lore rooms, chest rooms, shops. The malaise contamination rate is tied to the number of enemies still alive in the level, the fewer enemies, the less quickly your malaise bar will fill. When only 10% of the enemies are left alive, the biome is considered “Malaise cleared”.
  • The higher the malaise, the more dangerous the enemies (increased movement speed, quicker teleport, shorter reaction time, and at the latter stages, increased damage).
  • Enemies will also randomly spawn around you and from time to time, an enemy will transform into an Elite. The spawn rate and Elite rate will also increase with Malaise.
  • Being hit doesn’t increase your malaise anymore. Killing enemies, Elite, and Bosses decreases your malaise gauge.
  • Food looted in walls is always contaminated and will increase your Malaise bar, the “healthy” food looted on enemies doesn’t decrease your Malaise bar. Healing with your flask does heal some Malaise too.
  • The “Malaise Cleared” event completely stops the bar from filling until the end of the biome, and even decreases your malaise gauge with the amount you would get by killing all the enemies left in the level. However, these enemies won’t give you any more malaise reduction. Mobs and Elites will stop spawning for the rest of the level.

Dead Cells is currently available on a multitude of platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox, iOS, Android, and PC via Microsoft Windows and Steam.

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